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Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Here you go
Here's a line (give me proper credit, that's all I ask) for you. When the Dems go up against the President, they need to ask:

"Are you more secure than you were four years ago?"

THERE'S your national security issue, pal!

North Florida for Dean Meeting Tonight
At JavaHeads at 7pm. Join us, won't you?

The DemPoll for the Week of 21 May 2003

T RexGrubiTotalFinal Rank
Howard Dean, VT233192
John Edwards, NC6444165
Dick Gephardt1615133
Bob Graham, FL4263154
John Kerry, MA312281
Dennis Kucinich, OH9889349
Joseph Lieberman, CT5556216
Carol Mosely-Braun, IL8978328
Al Sharpton, NY7797307
Dean's within one point of Kerry, meaning with the appropriate amount name recognition, he could overtake him in the primaries (at least, that's how I interpret it). Start placing bets for the Dead Pool, too, folks: who's dropping out first? My money's on Moseley-Braun.

Based on rankings from DailyKos (whose Cattle Call comes out every Wednesday), the Interesting Times method (ranking hits returned for each name on Google News), T Rex's picks (whose rankings are temporary until I get the official word for his order), and my own personal feelings toward each candidates' chances. 
Paul Begala's Growing 'Em Big
Traditional Democratic whipping boy Paul Begala seems to be rediscovering his huevos. And it's priceless (thanks to MediaWhoresOnline):
BEGALA: In the last eight days there have been 14 terrorist attacks. ... Fourteen attacks in eight days. The president was clearly plainly wrong when he said this war on Iraq would lessen terrorism in the Middle East, wasn't he?

REP. PETER KING (R) NY: No, he's not at all. The fact is, there's no doubt our position is stronger. And if you're going to allow yourself to be distracted by every individual attack, then that's the type of mentality which would prevent us from winning the war. The fact is, to me, that al Qaeda is reacting the way they are shows they are on the run, and there's no doubt...

BEGALA: The fact that they are murdering Americans in Saudi Arabia proves that we're winning the war. Help me with that.
If every Democrat, liberal, Socialist, Green, and everyone who has any real conscience would start fighting like that, then a victory is on the way. 


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