Sunday, 30 June 2013

Does social media restrict freedom of speech?

More and more people are joining in with social media / networks, but are we all being fooled is social media really the best way to express your thoughts and ideas? Yes social media maybe the quickest way to communicate with your friends but it is also one of the quickest places to be if you want to be censored.
If want you say does not comply with the rules of the social network or a moderator on the social network deems what you post as spam then you could find that you cannot really say anything at all.

SPAM! Spam is a term used by major internet businesses to hinder other company's from advertising on the internet and also helps them to censor material that they do not agree with.

But what actually constitutes as spam? Something advertorial? something a website owner disagrees with? where are the real borders and guidelines when it comes to spam? the truth is that their are non and it is up to the website owner to decide whether what you write is spam or not..... so if the website owner, comapnys or a moderator disagrees with what you have to say you could be labeled as a spammer and banned from the social network...

So your political views could simply be labeled as spam... That is why you should not join a social network to express your views but get a blog or website at-least where you have the freedom to say what you like (under the laws where you live however).

But do remember that the main source of traffic to websites is from search engines. so if a search engines views your website as spam for whatever subjective reason you maybe still online but nobody will hear what you have to say because nobody can find you on a search engine.

A few things that should get you thinking about wether the internet really allows for freedom of speech when it is ruled by big company's that tell you what to think.

Putting your business on a social media or using social media to promote your business isn't good as it lets the social media website be control of your business essentially.


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