Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bu$h i$ $tupid when it come$ to certain $ubject$

More evidence to support my campaign (I mean, mine and T Rex's campaign) to get the word out: Republicans Are Bad for the Economy.

So what exactly do we need to do? And where exactly is this heading?
Even as everyone is demanding a "stimulus"-- classic anti-recession economic prescriptions-- we are seeing the exact opposite at the state level, as state and local governments are enacting Herbert Hoover-like policies under the strictures of local balanced budget requirements. States are facing a collective deficit of $100 billion in the coming year alone-- if they slash spending by that amount, that will remove $100 billion in wages and purchases by those governments from the US economy. This one-year subtraction of economic activity -- multiply by ten to a potential $1 trillion lost over ten years if the economy does not pick up -- is the anti-stimulus haunting our country like ol' Hoover's ghost.
Just like T Rex said


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