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Sunday, June 08, 2003

Sunday, June 08, 2003
The DemPoll for the Week of 04 June 2003: LATE
Grubi finally got his poll up! ;-):

T RexGrubiWampum*Total
1John Kerry, MA2132253
2Dick Gephardt, MO1613350
3Howard Dean, VT3421544
4Joseph Lieberman, CT5345139
5Bob Graham, FL4254631
6John Edwards, NC6566423
7Al Sharpton, NY7877813
8Dennis Kucinich, OH9799710
9Carol Mosely-Braun, IL898897

Dean's dropped a bit, but within the next couple of weeks, look for a sharp rise. If Gephardt doesn't set himself up as a winner, then don't be surprised if he doesn't drop quickly too. The only electable candidates, at this point, are the top four. Edwards is on his way towards Kucinich-Land (is he still alive?), and the Good Reverend and Ms Braun are single issue-based candidates who are bound to drop. The appeal for Gen. Clark seems highly premature, especially since he has made absolutely no move towards the White House. Isn't it simply wishful thinking? Maybe I'll add one of my dream candidates on the poll, too: Ann Richards, Or maybe I'll hang out here in reality.

Based on rankings from DailyKos (whose Cattle Call comes out every Wednesday), the Interesting Times method (ranking hits returned for each name on Google News), T Rex's picks (whose rankings are temporary until I get the official word for his order),my own personal feelings toward each candidates' chances, and Wampum's poll (based on percentage of media mentions). Points are awarded this way: 15 points for first place, 10 for second place, 8 for third place, 6 for fourth, 5 for fifth, 4 for sixth, 3 for 7th, 2 for 8th, 1 for 9th..
Daily Kos | Cattle Call 2004: 6/5
Interesting Times | The Google News Democratic Presidential Poll for 6/4/2003
T. Rex's Guide to Life | Handicapping the Democratic Candidates, 6.6.03
Wampum | My Latest Project *


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