Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Low Expectations Game

Hesiod drops some knowledge regarding the 2004 election:
THE EXPECTATIONS GAME: Here's the pattern. George W. Bush runs for office. Everyone thinks he's a lightweight, and takes it for granted he'll lose against a more seasoned, experienced opponent.

Bush, becaue no one takes him seriously and his opponet [sic] paints him as a numbnuts, creates an aura of low expectations.

Therefore, Bush never actually has to do well at anything. He only needs to do better than people expected.

Bush, however, has never faced an election where he had HIGH expctations, coupled with a competent, well-financed opponent.

He won re-election in Texas during the booming Clinton economy of the 1990's that washed over every state in the Union. He also ran against a completly helpless candidate.

What does this mean for 2004?

It means that Karl Rove has problems.


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