Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Holy War! 

Someone named "Davis X. Machina" posted the following assessment on Daily Kos' comments section for the post at the link below. He puts it into the best language for all to understand: we're fighting a religious war against the Republicapalians.

Republican tax policy isn't an ecomomic plan, it's a theology. If you go after my stuff in any way -- even though a modestly redistributive tax system might get me a better quality of life, and might even bring about a society more in accord with Gospel norms -- you are diminishing the certainty I have that I am one of the Elect every time you tax me.

Those of us who aren't well-heeled enough to escape the ranks of Preterite damnation just don't have the right to challenge the Almighty's decisicions.

The real reason why 'soak the rich' rhetoric is a two-edged sword is that it falls on the ears of tens of millions of Americans as impious and heretical.

The real reason why 15-20% of Americans believe they're in the top 1% of the income pyramid is not that they can't do the math -- the difference in the lifestyle that $200,000 p/a and $2,000,000 p/a buys you is obvious -- but because they believe that they're in the top 1%, they're saved.

Republican tax policy doesn't have to make sense -- theologies don't have to make sense.

And you can't refute a theology.
Now that's the truth. 


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