Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Interesting Item
An anonymous right-wing fellow (who advocates war despite having no evidence of having served in the armed forces) says this about my political blog:
Its [sic] amazing how many people started blogging right as the war started.
I've been blogging since January 2000. The black-list's archives only go back to 27 March 2003. You know: the start of the war?
Same with this one called American Dissent. You know, what are all these liberals going to do when President Bush gets re-elected?
To be re-elected, doesn't he have to be elected in the first place?
Kill themselves hopefully.
People dying is how the right-wing seems to get their point across. How mature. 

And yet, this intellectual giant hides behind anonimity, passing goofy little judgments on liberal bloggers, while never presenting an alternate argument or logical refutal. He disparages a veteran, but hates that veterans (like myself) could dare disagree with the Bushista party line. 

Small minds, small arguments. 


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