Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Matrix Reloaded insta-review
Saw the new Matrix movie. It was pretty good, in my opinion. Just like Attack of the Clones, if they dropped all the romance and kept it stirctly action/philosophy, it would have been a much better movie. Keanu's getting a little sharper in his older age (he's nearly 40, folks), making Neo into a truly reluctant Messiah, which is terrific. Laurence Fishburne is still cryptic and methodical in his speech as Morpheus and even stars as the centerpiece of a $40 million scene involving lots of cool flips, kicks, and near-death moments. Slick. There's one scene in which Neo kicks hundreds of asses. Problem: when they slow down the scene for coolness, the computer-generatedness of it is more obvious, even though that sort of thing gets better each year. I recommend this for anyone who really dug the chatty bits of the first one as much as they did the kung fu. With the sexy scenes: A-. Without: A.


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