Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The DemPoll for the Week of 28 May 2003: FINAL
Kos finally got his poll up!:

T RexGrubiWampumTotal
1John Kerry, MA2132253
2Dick Gephardt1613350
3Howard Dean, VT3321548
4Joseph Lieberman, CT4465136
5Bob Graham, FL5244631
6John Edwards, NC6556424
7Al Sharpton, NY7777814
8tCarol Mosely-Braun, IL898898
8tDennis Kucinich, OH989978

Kerry's got an incredible lead, putting Dean further back than I originally thought. And, yes, the bottom three really are that far back. Is there a point to their participation? For their sakes, I hope so.

Based on rankings from DailyKos (whose Cattle Call comes out every Wednesday), the Interesting Times method (ranking hits returned for each name on Google News), T Rex's picks (whose rankings are temporary until I get the official word for his order),my own personal feelings toward each candidates' chances, and Wampum's poll (based on percentage of media mentions). Points are awarded this way: 15 points for first place, 10 for second place, 8 for third place, 6 for fourth, 5 for fifth, 4 for sixth, 3 for 7th, 2 for 8th, 1 for 9th..

New Book: Review Forthcoming
My favorite author, Robert Anton Wilson, apparently released a book last year called TSOG: The Thing That Ate the Constitution. I purchased a copy this afternoon simply because I had to:
Some may think I regard the Constitution as an almost sacred text. Not at all: I admit it has a few defects and blemishes. I just consider it a hell of a lot better than the system we have now.
The man's a genius, having co-written the world's best book (The Illuminatus! Trilogy), and this new one looks mighty juicy. When I'm done, I'd be happy to lend my copy to someone who will lend me a copy of What Liberal Media?.

For reference, I'm also re-reading 1984. Remember when that was a bit of nostalgic paranoia? *sigh*


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